06 February 2010

Uphill Both Ways in the Snow!

I was talking with a woman a couple nights ago with whom I ended up having several things in common. We were both in direct sales, and we had both started out with a college education in retail merchandising and marketing. It was funny talking about the 'good old days.' When we had started working in our chosen fields, it was mostly about customer service. I told her about the internet retailer I used to work for, and how we actually tracked every bit of traffic coming into our site. We needed to know what worked and what didn't, and it was a few years before all of the seo optimization software that later became available. We needed to figure out for ourselves what worked and what didn't. Pioneers in the field, essentially. The conversation finally ended in laughter. Neither of us is old enough to have stories about riding a dinosaur to school or walking barefoot, uphill, both ways in the snow. It was reminding us of how old we used to think grown-ups were. Now we've become the grown-ups. Scary!

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siteseer said...

nah, nothing to it.... me looking at my Mom, now that's scary!!