06 February 2010

52 to Fabulous! - Pick a Wall

Well, my assignment this week for 52 to Fabulous was to pick one wall at a time and make it, well, fabulous! I'm making it my goal to go for one wall period, never mind 'at a time.' Here's the wall I see when I walk into my office. It is immediately to my left as I sit facing the computer. The adorable table would make a great staging area for using it and my limited desk space (since my desk is more of a 'computer' desk than a traditional desk with a work surface). Looking at it now, especially in a picture that the whole world could see, is a bit embarrassing.

Another goal that folds right into making this wall fabulous is that this is the spot that would be perfect for my personal altar or vision board. The vision board is one of the assignments I've missed on 52 to Fabulous, but I chose not to make it up right away because I want something I can display and be proud of, and right now I don't have a place to do that! We've talked about personal altars in my Cakes for the Queen of Heaven class. So no one is confused and thinks I'm practicing ritual sacrifice in my office, here's a brief description of a wiccan altar from Wikipedia:
The items brought to the altar may be a random assortment of personally significant items or a particular set with ritual significance. Traditionally, altar items may include but are not limited to: candles of significant colors, cups or bowls or cauldrons, small statues of gods and goddesses, a ritual knife which in most traditions must never be defiled by being used to cause damage, a wand, a bowl of salt, a bell, and possibly some crystals. The altar is usually covered in some sort of cloth. Some traditions separate the items on the altar into the four Greek classical elements, of earth, air, fire and water

Think of it as a collection of special things. On our altar at class we have pictures of important women to us, symbols of power, and goddess figures. I love the idea of it and think it would work well as a small part of my office (which is the most 'me' place in the house).

So my goal for the near future is to come up with an 'after picture to follow-up with this. Wish me luck!


Shannon and Randy said...

I think you can totally get it organized. I have faith in you that it will look terrific.

siteseer said...

A lot of people use the visual board with lots of success. I'm sure you don't want me to help.... I just start throwing stuff out :) Works for me. I did a bathroom pantry last night... Dad was saying "are these containers full? The bag is really heavy." "Nope, just empties" How much stuff can you store? When in doubt, throw it out.