09 February 2010

Random Tuesday Thoughts


There is actually good progress being made in my office! I wasn't going to post it, and just see if hubby noticed, but I'm way too impressed with myself so far. I couldn't fall asleep last night thinking about how nicely it's shaping up.

This morning was Maggie's first gymnastics class! We loved it! They do activities in circuits, and the teacher shows everyone first, then wanders around and helps everyone with different stuff. It's a perfect set-up since everyone has to be spotting their own child all the time anyway. I super loved the floor! The whole thing absorbs every step you take - it feel so nice!

It is definitely/finally snowing here. Maggie and I had to get to class by 9:30, so we headed out of here around 9. It was already snowing out, but it only looked like a dusting. Yikes! Even after stopping before turning my silly car wanted to go sideways around every corner. Don't get me wrong - I love my car - but rear-wheel drive doesn't really cut it in this junk.
After class we went to the store to get diapers and toilet paper and other things I want if we're staying in for a few days. When we made it home at 11:45, I shoveled the driveway. Did you read that, honey? The driveway was cleared at least once during this storm.

And on that note, the mail came later on and I think there's supposed to be a movie from Netflix. I'll watch it tonight, if I brave the snow to go get the mail!

The snow reminds me of one other thing - brush off your cars, people!!! Seriously, I'm on a reasonably busy road. The number of cars I'm seeing drive by with just what their windshield wipers have cleared off the front windshield? You can't see where you're going! Pet peeve everytime it snows. I had to brush off my car twice today. You can do it too.

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siteseer said...

nice driveway. Wish I only had to brush off my windows... Parking in the garage my MM wants the whole car cleaned off. Fortunately, when I clean it off at work my drive is so short that it's still clean when I get home. Lucky me. Can't wait to see your office,