14 February 2010

Happy Valentines Day!!

Hope you had a very nice Valentines, whatever that means to you. We 'celebrated' all weekend, but with a toddler around, the chaos and celebration never ends, right?
Friday night we just enjoyed finally having hubby home. Maggie was thrilled to play with her daddy til bedtime.
Yesterday I got my work done (going to the post office and picking up a few groceries) early, then the three of us went and tracked down a couple more old ski hills for hubby's blogging project. Our beef stew was warm and waiting in the crock pot when we got home, and I opened up a box of Dove Sea Salted Caramels to start celebrating with my sweeties. They're so good we don't rush through eating the box then have to click here and worry about gaining extra weight over them! I think over half the box is still left!
Today Maggie and hubby took me to my church class, then we went to celebrate a three-year-old friend's birthday. Hubby and I watched (500) Days of Summer together from Netflix after Maggie was convinced to go to sleep. Now I'm headed to sleep as well, but I still have leftovers from the local Mongolian BBQ place for lunch tomorrow - yay!
It was a great Valentines weekend!


Tammy said...

Sounds like you had a great weekend. We also had 500 days of summer, what did you think. We turned it off. I don't think we even made it half way. Did it get better? We then watched The Ugly Truth and that was okay.

Becki said...

Huh. We liked 500 Days of Summer :)
And I should have checked this earlier today - I forgot to eat my leftovers!

siteseer said...

Bet you're all glad that hubby is home. Glad you had a great weekend.

Denise said...

LOVED 500 Days of Summer. Glad to know someone else has seen it.