15 February 2010

Fun Kids' Giveaway

I love attention-getting titles. No, I'm not giving away kids. I only have one so far to start with, and I'm keeping her.

The giveaway I was actually trying to reference is through Hip Mama's Place for the new series of Kohl's Cares for Kids books and matching stuffed creatures. We still love the one we got at the holidays and wish we'd gotten more for Maggie. Hopefully we'll win one of these Dr Seuss themed ones. Or at $5 each for the books and animals, maybe we'll get off our lazy tushies and go out in the cold to get some :)

Head over to Hip Mama's Place before February 21 to enter. If you don't have a kid who wants em, you can always pass them on to little Maggie ;)


siteseer said...

I"m on my way

OLLIE MCKAY'S ~ A Chic Boutique said...

Thanks for sharing the info! Have a great week everybody!