12 February 2010

10 Random Things for a Friday

  1. Our story time reader didn't show up this morning! I hope she's okay. This is a story-time we go to kind of regularly, and it's weird for her to just stand us up like that! She missed a full house too - there were probably close to ten kids waiting for story time. Luckily Maggie and I met new friends though. Another girl and her mom who we'd seen there before were there again, and with no story time we spent our time visiting with Brooke, Temperance and Nana (I'm pretty sure Nana wasn't her real name, but that's all I caught today :D ).
  2. Hubby commented about my diet sucking yesterday. Not that I need weight loss products (and if I did he'd be way too bright to mention it ;) ), but that I still don't eat enough, especially of things like proteins. I honestly sometimes wish I could just take a pill to cover my caloric and nutritional needs. :(
  3. The snow is much more tolerable when the roads are cleared.
  4. I'm quite proud that this week I've made five business-related calls each day that I wasn't getting ready for a show. That is just my weekday goal, I've decided. Weekends are spent with family stuff. Five calls is usually manageable, provided Maggie takes at least an hour nap.
  5. This is only number five? I need to quit saying so much or I'll never get to ten!
  6. I miss my ergonomic keyboard. My wrist hurts after only this little bit of typing...
  7. I think hubby is planning to do our taxes very soon. Don't let me forget to tell him I didn't buy my plane ticket for conference (he did) so I don't know how much it cost - but it is deductible!
  8. My hair is at a pretty awkward in-between length. I think I look like a mushroom, but I hate to have it cut any shorter again while I'm trying to grow it longer. I'm sure a lot of you feel my pain.
  9. I spent an hour and a half sleeping in the crib last night at Maggie's request. I am decidedly taller/longer than the crib.
  10. We're having chili for dinner. With lots of cheddar cheese on top. I have a very active imagination for someone who hasn't started cooking it yet...

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