28 January 2010

My First Book Bash!

Tonight was my first 'book exchange,' and I'll totally do it again! I had some books to give away (more on that later) so I invited everyone go bring good books they'd already read, and take home some of the books brought by others.

Although I'd hoped for a better turn out, the three people that were able to make it were obviously book lovers :) We had a lot to choose from, and I have less left than I started out with (which was one of my goals).

Conversation was the best. Since we were pretty much just hanging out, other than the 15 minutes or so we spent perusing books, tons of different topics came up. Lots of Maggie (of course!), everyone else's funny work stories, fun plans, and some basic 'getting to know you' stuff that's always fun with people you've known for a while - you forget some details from time to time, you know?

Overall it was a great girls' night out, and I'm looking forward to doing it again in a few months. The people here tonight said they'd love to do it again, and there were people who couldn't make it who said they really would've liked to have been here. So we'll pencil it in!

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siteseer said...

I really enjoyed last night and took home more books than I brought :) And I think there were 4 people besides you. It was very relaxing and I look forward to doing it again.