09 January 2010

Fun Day!

Today we went exploring :) We never left Michigan, so it wasn't quite as exciting as exploring Caribbean Hotels or something, but we definitely had a very good time!

Hubby has decided to start a blog exploring old Michigan ski resorts. It turns out there are a lot of resorts that opened years ago - some of them he's heard about from his dad knowing them back when they were open - and are now gone. But the hills, of course are still technically there.

Today we went to Fenton, Michigan, to what used to be the Kandahar Ski Hills. There's a new development there now, and you can tell the actual skiing has been gone for years by the size of the trees. It was beautiful and peaceful, especially since many of the development lots have been sold but not yet built.

Here's a gorgeous picture that hubby took at the top of a bluff. He walked up the hill and said he got quite a cardio workout, while I waited in the car with the napping baby. I'll have to get some boots before we go on too many more of these expeditions.

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