15 December 2009

Tuesday Random Thoughts


I wish 7-Eleven had a drive-thru. I wish this quite frequently.

Maggie doesn't seem any more fond of Santa Claus than she was of the Easter Bunny earlier this year. This is not good for photo ops (well, pretty ones, anyway. It's great for amusing ones...).

Grrr....I have yet ANOTHER code for a free photo-book, but the site doesn't seem to be working again (different sites each time, btw). Okay, now the site is finally up. Let me put an hour worth of work in so it can tell me my code is no good. Again.
EDITED: Okay. Seems to be working. If not, there will be a terrible and vicious rant following this post.

Less than two weeks til Christmas! I'm ready enough on 'big' gifts, but I still need more for hubby's and Maggie's stockings! I love those stockings to be busting at the seams!

It's official. I'm not good at making photo books and I don't like it. I thought I had all the pictures I needed already on the computer, but apparently we've saved a bunch to the computer, and a bunch to a removable hard drive. So now I'm switching over to look for more pictures. Wish me luck!

I totally scared the snot out of myself earlier today and thought my debit card had been compromised. In reality I'd just filled my car up with gas and forgotten where I was stopped, so I didn't recognize the charge on my account. Duh.


The Adventures of Grunty and Chubbs said...

What kind of stocking stuffers do you do? I need ideas! Inexpensive ideas.

siteseer said...

glad it's nothing with your card. which reminds me I'd better write down my last withdrawal :)

Tammy said...

It's better that you forgot then if someone else was making charges.

Sorry to hear that Maggie isn't liking Santa this year.