15 December 2009


Someday I will make a photo book, and it will work.

But not today.

The promotion I posted on November 30 through American Greetings? Yeah. Apparently they ran out of books before I finished putting together my book for almost two hours.
This promotion has reached its maximum limit. Please view Current Coupon Codes for other ways to save on your order.

Am I going to spend $52.74 on a product that I've never seen the quality of? No. No I will not. I've wasted two hours of my life, I certainly won't waste my money too.

If I decide to go through with the photo book, the most economical one I've seen has been Walgreen's. American Greetings? I've tried your site twice, and twice your codes have failed me. You suck.


Storm, The Psychotic Housewife said...

Oh no! That bites. :( I don't understand why they don't let you enter the promo code first, THEN create the book.

At least save it, just in case they have another code - then you just have to access it instead of making another one?

Carolyn said...

ohhh. {{pats her on the back}}

Mommy Kennedy said...

Ahhhgggg! I keep looking at these different photo books too. Just never seem to have the gumption!

((hugs)) and Happy Holidays, My Friend!

siteseer said...

but tell me how you really feel :) Sorry this didn't work for you. I know how much you like free photos

Tammy said...

How very upsetting. I'm sure your photo book would of been wonderful too!