07 December 2009

To-Do List, Starting Monday, December 7, 2009

Whew. Lots to do!

  • Laundry (urgently - in progress)
  • School open house tonight (and possible tomorrow, depending on hubby's work schedule)
  • Pick up check tonight from last Thursday's hostess
  • Call drop-ship order from Sunday
  • Deposit checks tomorrow at credit union
  • Kindermusik story time with Corban
  • Lunch with Matt on Wednesday
  • Clean counter after done with open houses
  • Put away chocolate show/open house stuff til January!
  • Name-tags for ornament exchange Friday
  • Numbers for ornament exchange Friday
  • Email all 2009 hostesses to remind them of free shipping (til the end of December, from me) and the Christmas delivery cut-off (this weekend)
  • Get groceries
  • Plan a couple menu things for ornament exchange Friday
  • Plan dessert for holiday party on Sunday
  • Finish surprise that needs to ship tomorrow
  • Get gift exchange gift
  • Finish holiday cards
  • Get postage
  • Submit chocolate shows once checks clear (starting tomorrow)
  • Actually finish this list? Check into panama city beach motels!

1 comment:

The Adventures of Grunty and Chubbs said...

I know what you mean, sistah! I turned into a bit of a grouch yesterday when we had a friend over for a football game and I was not getting anything done on my list! I finally made the guys watch the kids while I dyed my hair! Gotta squeeze these things in somewhere!

Good luck!!