07 December 2009

My Seventh Day of Christmas

PJs! Hubby commented the other day that my hoodie and old PJ penguin pants don't exactly inspire passion. Go figure. But I'm not wearing some slinky lil thing - it's COLD when we first go in our room to go to bed! I'm hoping these long-john style ones are made to be cozy! I also liked the Sleepover Flannel PJs, especially in the pink toile pattern.
I'm afraid they're still not exactly 'sexy,' but I also don't think shivering is a turn-on, right?


The Adventures of Grunty and Chubbs said...

So funny - I just emailed my hubby the Victoria's Secret web page for pjs. I said no lace and no satin. :-) It can still be sexy but warm and comfy, right???

siteseer said...

you look hot in anything :)