26 December 2009

Really? What Does Your Name Say About YOU?

I saw this over at All Stace and Stacie's Madness and I had to follow along and see if mine was as flattering as theirs ;)

Go look up your name on Urban Dictionary. These aren't the definitions you see in the baby name book!

When I looked up my name, Becki, the definition given was:

A 'cuter' abbreviation of the name Rebecca, the 'i' is usually dotted with a heart.

Favored by quiet, sleepy girls who are obsessed with appearing to be normal at all costs; owing to the large number of skeletons in their closet.

What's the meaning of your name?

1 comment:

Dionna said...

Ugg. I only liked about about half of mine - the other half wasn't very clean. :(