27 December 2009


I'm not sure if I mentioned before, but hubby and I are giving each other a new shower in our bathroom for a holiday gift. One shower, of course, we're just bypassing our gifts for each other to get the stuff for it. And hubby (with my dad's help, thankfully!) is in the process of putting it in now.
Yesterday he ripped out the toilet (because it was in the way - he'll put it back after the new shower is in), the tile shower walls and the bathtub.
This morning we got to go choose the new tub, shower walls and plumbing fixtures. Hubby thought he wanted a lighting fixture for inside the actual shower, but I have never seen such an animal, and they didn't have one when we were doing our shopping either. There was the light/fan combo deal, but even that traditionally goes just outside the shower. I just don't see how a light would do well inside a shower, with the humidity and all.
I guess the plumbing was a little more work than they expected - my dad is coming back tomorrow and I think he and hubby are planning to get the rest of the project moving along.
After the new shower/tub are in and the toilet is back in place? Painting!
Hopefully we still find plenty of time for hubby to have fun during his vacation too!


Wendy said...

LOL - we should get our Dad and my Dad together and see what they can build...

siteseer said...

Hope everything went well today. Can't wait to see the finished product