11 December 2009

My Eleventh Day of Christmas

If I'm gonna dream, dream big, right? I would love to have a new camera. For a while I had a fantastic Canon Rebel, but it used that archaic stuff, film. A digital of a very similar camera would rock my socks. I admittedly am not sure about what features/options/etc I want, but this looks similar to what I'm after. By no means am I anywhere near the mad skillz of my professional photographer friends, but I think my pictures could look a little better if I had a camera that did a little better in the first place. Only one way to find out! Santa?


Lenox Knits said...

I hope Santa is listening. I am so excited about my new Rebel. There are lots of deals out there now. I got mine for under $600 and it isn't even the low end. It's an Xsi which is the mid range. Good luck!

Tammy said...

I have a SLR camera and they are wonderful. I sure you could get some great shots of Maggie with a new digital camera.

siteseer said...

I think you'd be good it photography because you are so interested in it. Hope Santa is listening.