10 December 2009

Are You Ready for the 'Decorating for the Holidays' Blog Hop?

This is going to be one interesting “Decorating for the Holidays” Blog Hop!!!! We have 23 blogs signed up!!! The list for the “Decorating for the Holidays” Blog Hop on The Frugal Housewife is:

1. The Frugal Housewife
2. Confessions of a Psychotic Housewife
3. Kids Meal Crowd
4. Insights from a Superheros Mom
5. Lenox Knits
6. WillOaks Studio
7. Marga Animals Blogs
8. D & G Gardens and Crafts
9. The Sewing Mom
10. A Second Cup
11. Winding Threads
12. Grampy and You Decorating with Grandchildren
13. Cute as a Buggy
14. The Frugal Kennedys
15. Cher@Mamas Money Savers
16. Grandmother Wren
17. Thrifty Creativity
18. Grandmothers Dollhouse
19. Harmony in Motion
20. Tips & Treasures
21. At Home with Auntie E
22. Laane on the World
23. Beyond Motherhood

What fun! Now to get my post together for Monday :)

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