18 December 2009

10 Random Things for a Friday

  1. Amaretto Chocolate Cheesecake? Nearly done (I can't put the whipped decorations on the top too early or it may 'weep' before we get to the party..).
  2. Decorated engagement cake? Done (not especially pretty, but done).
  3. Early nap for very cute daughter? On track. She woke up early, so I'm going to try and put her down in the next half hour or so.
  4. My hair and makeup? Uh-oh.
  5. My outfit? See #4.
  6. The house across the street with the holiday lights up since October? They don't actually turn the lights 'on.' Weird.
  7. The Miley Cyrus song in Bolt just brought a tear to my eye. Emotional much?
  8. I should really get going on gif wrapping soon. A good goal would be to have it done before hubby is done with work (Christmas Eve). Oh, and I should do his stuff (including stocking stuffers) while he's actually at work.
  9. We're getting A Charlie Brown Christmas from Netflix today (well, it was supposed to be here yesterday, so it should really, really be here today). Yay!
  10. This morning's funny: First Maggie walked up to the cat's spot on the back of the couch. "Wake up, Audrey!" When I told her Audrey needed her rest, Maggie instead went and got a blanket and covered the cat up. What a nice girl!

1 comment:

The Adventures of Grunty and Chubbs said...

How cute - putting a blankie on the cat. :-)

I got the Charlie Brown Christmas from Netflix today too! And Frosty. And an adult movie. Well, not an "adult movie" but a movie for Dick and I. :-)