24 November 2009

Tuesday Random Thoughts


Hubby made it home from jury selection today while Maggie and I were eating lunch. Yay! The bad news? He was actually selected for the jury, so he has to go back tomorrow. We're really hoping the courts aren't open on Friday as well - that would seriously suck for our family weekend :(

And now? Hubby gets to do job 'work' on his day off. At least Maggie is cooperating and napping so I can get my computer/chocolate/ornament exchange stuff done and not have to spend all afternoon keeping her quiet so daddy can work ;)

I'm still mostly confused about what day it is, but have decided I don't care much. Tomorrow I have a meeting with the Mommy & Me networking group, and Thanksgiving day we'll head out to my parents. Other than that, the date is just another number on the calender.

Hubby just had a good half hour with my profile up on Facebook and didn't change my status. I think he's losing his touch ;)


Tammy said...

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

siteseer said...

lol he must have other things on his mind to not be checking your status lol. See you tomorrow.