17 November 2009

Tuesday Random Thoughts


Today? I get to clean the house. Not much, really. Dust, vaccuum, clean the bathroom. I just wish there were more people coming to my Jewel Kade party to appreciate my efforts! I'm going to make my nacho dip, a big tray of Dove fudge brownies (which will actually be split so I can take some to my show on Thursday), probably a Tastefully Simple cheeseball or Garlic Herb Triscuits with Winschulers cheese, and maybe some oatmeal scotchies...

Dear Meijer: Thank you for the penny pony. Maggie loves the ride at the end of each shopping trip.

I love playing catch with Maggie lately. We say, "Thank you," and, "You're welcome," ever time we pass the ball back and forth. She's so adorable. She also likes to make me or her dad stand up so we can hold hands with her and dance. Oh, and either she or any of her toys or animals can become 'Jasmine' by putting a blanket, towel, or washcloth on their head. Lots of fun around here :)

I've started shopping for hubby's stocking. I hate dropping a bunch of money on little things all at once. By starting now, I get something for a few bucks each time I'm out, and he should have a fun, super-full stocking by Christmas!

I remember when I was little there were tons of outfits for Cabbage Patch Kids. Are there still? Maggie's Cabbage Patch Kid has been wearing the same dress (and diaper, for that matter) for a year. Ew. I think I just came up with something else for Maggie's holiday wish list. ;)

The outdoor lights from one of my posts last week? Are done! Hubby put in two lights at the end of the garage, one on the front porch, and one with a motion detector on the back deck. It's so bright and nice looking now :)

Hubby said he was 'having fun' and going fast down a dirt, curvy road last week when Maggie leaned back in her car seat and said, "Be careful!" Smart girl...hehehe....she also says it to me when I do something silly like pick her up upside down.

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