18 November 2009

Another Fun Giveaway!

Some bloggers have a TON of giveaways, but I tend to just post (and have entered) the ones I REALLY want to win. As I was looking through an ongoing list (updated Mondays) of giveaways at The Frugal Kennedys, I saw an interesting giveaway I'd never stumbled across before and headed to check it out.

OH MY GOODNESS! Growing a Baby in Seattle Reviews is giving away a one-year subscription to Relish!. What is Relish? It's a meal planning site - each week (after I win) I'll get to pick five recipes and one dessert from a list, and they'll send me the recipes and the shopping list. Yeah. For real. I am horrible at grocery shopping, and don't care much for cooking usually. This site? Must have been made for me.

For your chance, check out the post here, but I'm going to win this one. I have to.

1 comment:

Wendy said...

I'm tempted to enter, it sounds yummy!