10 November 2009

Tuesday Random Thoughts


Well. I'm back out at the laptop that misses some keystrokes again because my desktop is typing even worse. It doesn't go forward as it types letters, so everything shows up backward unless I use the arrow key to go forward after every letter I type. As opposed to this keyboard, which just randomly doesn't register keystrokes. Grr....

I'm one of those people who are already listening to holiday music since I found it on the radio last Friday. Yay! It's on in my car and the house, as long as hubby isn't around to override me ;)

Just got the outfit that Grandpa and Grammy got Maggie for the family holiday party. Very cute! It's a plaid skort, coordinating leggings, and a matching shirt and sweater. All from Lands End. I'll work on getting her to try them on tomorrow (but I'm sure they'll fit perfect). She still has the big noggin - may as well make sure everything that has to goes over it before I wash it all so it doesn't bug her sensitive skin.

I really, really hope my computer works when I turn it on later on tonight. Although I've got plenty to do if it doesn't...I need to make cards to use as invites for a party I'm doing in December, and we have Shaun of the Dead from Netflix that we can watch tonight if hubby gets home at a reasonable hour.

Chocolate business is BOOMING! I'd have to juggle some things to fit in even one more party before the end of the year! Want to join my team? I could use a hand!

I'm digging make-up more again lately. It might be from catching some YouTube videos while looking for other stuff, but I'm trying to juggle my personal budget enough to get a few things to keep me pretty in my middle age ;)


The Adventures of Grunty and Chubbs said...

Ick, holiday music. ;-) I like to play it for about a week right at Christmas. I really like it for that week. Can't stand it outside that week!

Tammy said...

Good to hear that your chocolate business it doing great. I love Christmas music too. I'm looking forward to your party in December.