03 November 2009

Tuesday Random Thoughts


Maggie is napping now for the first time since Thursday! Of course, she went down at 2 and I've got to wake her up not much later than 4 to get on with our day, but boy are these few minutes of peace and quiet great and much needed!

I haven't left the house yet today, but I'll be gone all evening, so I'm calling it okay. Hubby is the sort who has to go somewhere or be doing something in particular most of the time, but I'm perfectly content to hang out where it's cozy and warm. We are showered and dressed, but just doing stuff inside the house instead of facing the rest of the world.

Yesterday was the 'fun' project of getting more Dreft baby detergent and re-washing all of Maggie's pants in an attempt to help her get rid of the rash on her leg. I feel awful that it took me nearly a month to realize it looks just like the rash she had before I started using Dreft. And then it came back when I ran out of Dreft a year and a half later. Duh. Silly mommy. Sorry for the itchies, Maggie! We should have you on the mend soon!

Hubby and I watched Serial Mom and Coraline over the weekend. I'd recommend both flicks. Please be aware, Coraline may be animated, but it's not for kids. There were some scary parts in there!


siteseer said...

the rash will be gone in no time. She's lucky that's all it was lol Have a nice evening.

Michelle said...

Gosh, I miss the days of napping. My little one stopped napping when she was 2 1/2. On very rare occasions will she nap. You're a lucky mom. Hope Maggie's rash goes away soon. Ouch! Thanks for stopping by.

Vixen said...

Oh yeah for naps and a moment of quiet. At least you did figure out the Dreft problem, I am sure she'll be right as rain quickly.

The Adventures of Grunty and Chubbs said...

Poor Maggie! I've learned a lot about laundry detergent because of our cloth diapers and I understand even Dreft has additives. I've had good luck with Country Save and Ecover. But I know once you find something that works... who wants to experiment!

Elle said...

I love naps!

My youngest gets rashes from detergent too.