04 November 2009

Number Two?

I'd already heard that Halloween was the second most decorated holiday, but now I'm hearing a lot of chatter that leads me to the belief that it's the second holiday requiring weight loss too! Hahahaha...

Whether it's on Facebook, forums, or other blogs, everyone seems to be sneaking a little - or more - of their kids' Halloween candy. And then feeling guilty about it! We're pretty much still free to take what we want from Maggie's stash as she doesn't really get the whole concept yet, and a lot of it is stuff that she just can't eat yet anyway (at least that's our excuse!).

How much of your kids' Halloween candy have you eaten? Are they sharing willingly?

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The Adventures of Grunty and Chubbs said...

Since my kiddos are only 1, we didn't bring a bag when we "trick or treated," ie, visited the neighbors. So no candy collected. HOWEVER, I did happen to have some leftover candy that I didn't give out!