23 November 2009

Color Me Confused

Today is Monday, right? The holidays have already sapped any trace of sense from my head. Because hubby was so busy with other stuff over the weekend, I barely noticed it was the weekend. And since he's off tomorrow for jury duty and then the rest of the week with vacation time and the Thanksgiving holiday, I've spent half of today thinking it was Friday. Ugh!

To help me feel better about my apparently ongoing confusion, I'm going to make myself a nice 'done' list instead of a to-do list so maybe I'll be able to sleep tonight and wake up refreshed. Why don't you try it too? We spend too much time stressing about what needs to get done, instead of appreciating what we've already accomplished.

DONE - on or before Monday, November 23, 2007
  • Show invites for show on Dec 3
  • Assembled cards for ornament exchange invites (next up: address those bad boys and put the info on the inside)
  • Addressed nearly 100 postcards letting chocolate customers know that December 12 is the deadline for Christmas delivery
  • Got my nails did (yay!)
  • Bought groceries for meals for the week
  • Went to the post office and got postage for all the above referenced stuff
  • Still caught up with NaBloPoMo (go, me!)

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siteseer said...

That's actually one of the things you are supposed to do to feel accomplished. One year in January I sat and listed all the things I had made or accomplished in the prior year and was AMAZED!! I'm definitely a doer.