08 November 2009

Are You Ready for some FOOTBALL!!

My friend's son is the awesome #9 in this video. They're looking for ratings to receive $15,000 for their school from State Farm.

Please rate this video on YouTube to help their high school (my alma mater) win $15,000 in State Farm's Friday Night Feats Video Contest.

Go to the following link and sign-in to YouTube to rate the video - rate it as high as you can! I only started doing this as a favor to my friend, but the way this kid plays is fun to watch - he literally shows how to 'walk all over' your competition!

Go here to rate the video

I'm hoping you all go do this today - it's really important!! Go #9!!


siteseer said...

that is some leap isn't it!?

Tammy said...

Thanks for posting this.