20 October 2009

Tuesday Random Thoughts


Poor Maggie took over an hour to actually fall asleep for her nap - that's assuming she's actually asleep right now. She wasn't even upset, just passing time....

I got TWO surprise chocolate orders today - yay, me!

It's a good thing those orders showed up, because my other online job is done for now. Which means no more internet exploder (biggest YAY today), but no more income from that job either...

I am LOVING chewing ice lately. Not ice tray ice, just store-bought bagged ice.

Now that the other job is done, I can spend part of nap time working on organizing the office (not today, today I was doing chocolate stuff, but starting tomorrow!).

I'm stuck at #2 on my list of friends playing Farkle. That makes me the first place loser. Grrrr.....

I love expecting stuff in the mail. Right now I'm waiting for a sweatshirt I ordered that was on backorder (but has shipped now...), a pair of Docs that I bought for hubby off eBay, and two new bras I just ordered yesterday. Yesterday I received the Scor-Pal I won from The Crafting Pot. Watching for the mail or delivery trucks can be fun!

Want a free Snuggie? Check it out! Freebie bloggers, feel free to add this to your list - it's free with no shipping and handling or anything, and you get to pick the color! Not sure how long it lasts - act quickly!


siteseer said...

how do you find all this free stuff? too cool

Anne said...

Mmmm, I love chocolate. Sorry, I got distracted by your talking about your chocolate.

I used to play a lot of Farkle, but have slowed down with it. I find I am very competitive and just want to be in first place.