10 October 2009

Got Bling?

As I'm cruising around the interwebs til I start 'working' online again next week, I had a great site with jewelry pointed out to me. There's not only great jewelry, but tips for guys considering buying jewelry for a woman for nearly any occasion. It was the 'Special Days' listing of occasions that jumped out at me.

We all know about the biggies - Christmas and birthdays come to mind. And we all know which ones we may or may not acknowledge (aren't the 'hallmark holidays' like Sweetest Day - less than a week away - celebrated mainly in the midwest?). But what about the events that are celebrated for way longer than one day. Being a mother, for example. You may or may not celebrate Mothers' Day, but how touching is it to see a mothers' ring on your finger, or a pendant around your neck, and know that the special man in your life appreciates all you do to keep the home and family you share running smoothly? Or glancing at the earrings or bracelet you got from someone close to you to celebrate your hard-earned graduation? To me, these are the events that alter our lives forever, and deserve recognition.

The next time one of you guys doesn't know what to get for the special woman in your life who 'has everything,' or even if there's plenty she 'needs' but you want to get her something she really wants, think about a little extra bling. Let her know what you might not always say by giving her something as sparkly as the smile she saves just for you - pick some special thoughtful jewelry out just for her.


Tammy said...

I love earrings. I don't think I will ever have enough. I love getting some bling as a gift. I also love giving it.

I have given you a award over on my blog. :)

bella1021 said...

I heart this posting ;)