22 October 2009

Dear Disney Movie Club:

Dear Disney Movie Club:

Thanks for saving me even more money than your 'Welcome Back' offer would have saved me! I received your mailing (including free stickers!) last week inviting me to re-join the Disney Movie Club and select FIVE movies for only $1 with my credit card, and then purchase two BONUS movies (still with free shipping) for only $11.95 and $8.95, respectively. Even better? The first bonus movie would count toward my club obligation, so I'd only have to purchase three movies (instead of four) in the next two years.

Sounds like a great deal, and I was sold. Unfortunately, when I tried to enter my promo code and make my selections at the website, it told me the email address I was providing was already in the system. Duh! I'm a previous member who left last year, and you invited me back! Of course my information is still in the system, that's how you knew to re-invite me, right?

I still figured the deal may be worth a little extra effort on my part (and really give me a jump on my holiday shopping) so I called the phone number on the bottom of the application page. That number? Is totally and irrevocably automated. There is no way to get to a person unless you provide a 'membership number.' Which I don't have, since I'm calling from the application page. There was an option listed that provided yet another phone number to call if you didn't have a membership number, but I'm tired of working for this deal.

If you were actually trying to 'welcome' me back, you might consider making it convenient for me to re-join. But whatever. Thanks for the free stickers!


The Redhead Riter said...

I am so tired of automated messages. I miss having human interactions with people that don't have accents that I can't understand. :o(

siteseer said...

Hope all the companies of the world are listening. Another *hint* have the people answering the phones live and work in the same country. I speak English and have a full understanding of that language... I would like them to do the same.