23 October 2009

A 'Business' Giveaway

I started to just say this was a business giveaway, but it could be for just about anything if you use your imagination. One lucky My Loonyverse reader is going to win 100 postcards from UPrinting.com.

As I said, I first thought of these cards in terms of my business - I usually send out postcards periodically to see if they might need anymore Dove chocolate products from me, or if they'd like to get them free for having a party. If you're not trying to promote a business, you could easily get these printed for holiday cards, or to promote an item at your child's school or your church. The possibilities are endless!

For your chance to win 100 postcards from UPrinting.com, head on over to My Loonyverse before October 28. Good luck!


siteseer said...

You made a lot of good points there. Postcards would be less expensive to mail too.

Anne said...

I already entered. I should be mad that you are spreading the word to more potential winners, but how can I do that. Good luck! If I can't win, I hope you do.