26 September 2009

So Confuzzled....

After going to a wedding in the afternoon yesterday and then the reception following, yesterday totally felt like the weekend already. I keep expecting tomorrow to be Monday! So it'll be like my bonus weekend day ;)

I usually sit down at my computer after the baby goes to bed and work through the same series of sites that I check on a regular basis. After hardly getting on yesterday since we didn't get home until late, and watching a movie before getting on today, I keep getting distracted. Just because I won't have time for my regular routine, I'm left sitting here, googling things like "what is disability insurance" just because I know it's time to be at the computer, but I can't quite stay focused on why.

I suppose at this point it may just be more useful to get some sleep so I can fully enjoy my bonus weekend day!

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Anonymous said...

Hope you had a great weekend!