26 September 2009

Saturday?? - Saturday!!

What a busy week! It's obviously about time for me to catch some sleep now since I still have another chocolate show tomorrow, but I thought I'd give you a quick preview (and me a quick reminder!) of some of the things I should be writing or re-capping soon!

  • My potential new job (okay, I'll wait the one to two weeks til I get word on that!)
  • The business networking meeting I attended
  • The chocolate show I finished earlier in the week
  • Maggie and I starting 'school' (our mom and tot playgroup)
  • Pictures of me with my new haircut and the dress I won from The Apron Goddesses
I think that hits on most of the high points..

A funny to tide you over? The other day as I was carrying Maggie across the room, I asked her to take her finger out of her nose and I'd get her a tissue to take care of her boogers. She promptly removed her finger from her nose, reached for my hand, and tried to put MY finger in her nose. Apparently the booger needed to be taken care of ASAP, but she wanted to follow directions....

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siteseer said...

LOL She is so cute!