07 September 2009

Here We Go Again!

Am I the only one who gets confused if the 'first' of the year is in January or September? It seems like nearly everything revolves around the school year, and since I've always lived in an area with a 'traditional' school schedule, September is the grand kick off.

My life follows this pattern as well. Due to a lot of things in my life over the summer, I feel like only now is everything finally wrapped up and I'm starting from scratch. It's happy and sad, as starting over always is.

I've got a clean slate and I'm raring to go. Business is picking up, I got a new member to my team this weekend (welcome, Jessica!), and fun plans are on the horizon. Maggie and I will be starting a play group through a local school next week, and as I think I mentioned earlier, I've got one of my old online jobs for a couple weeks in October. Being busy always keeps me happier.

On the other hand (why does there always have to be another hand, anyway?), what I thought I was working for and working through during much of the summer was just an illusion. Now I get to finish the 'working through,' but at least it's definitive now. Which of course is hard to buy into when I thought it was definitive before. Eh, the mind is a terrible toy.

Hope your fall harvest is bountiful and beautiful, and your Labor Day weekend was wonderful :)


StaceyC4 said...

I feel the same way. Although, living in the south, my kids are in year round school so when I see all of this hooplah for September, it's kind of lost on us! Too darn confusing!

Tammy said...

My boys started school today. You are right it is a new start when school starts like a new year.

siteseer said...

new beginnings. I always love that.

Mom said...

I think there are many points throughout the year that we can use as a starting point for new things, sort of as a time of cleansing and refreshing our own state of mind.

The start of the school year is definitely one of those points.

MaricrisG said...

That's quite alright. I'm still confuse whether the first day of the week is Monday or Sunday! lol