08 September 2009

Random Tuesday Thoughts


I just saw a spider. I didn't scream or anything, but now I've totally got the itchies. You've heard about the condition of my office before. It's better than it was, but still plenty homey enough for a vicious black spider, apparently.

The holiday is throwing me off, as usual. I keep thinking today is Monday, but it's (obviously) Tuesday, so I'm already half-way to my Thursday fun time. With my schedule getting busy nice and fast, I can't afford to lose a day along the way.

Since it's my turn with the cold that hubby had all weekend, he's been amazingly (sorry, I know you hate that word, honey) helpful. He went to the store and took the baby, then went back out while I put her to bed to drop off the library books and the movie we'd rented yesterday. A couple extra minutes of 'me' time was very much appreciated.

Maggie's at the wonderful stage where she thinks she can 'show' people things with the phone. I asked her if she wanted to say hi to Mimi, and she proceeded to show Mimi the yard through the window, and some of her toys, and a couple of dishes. Then she (Maggie, not Mimi) had a major meltdown when I tried to get the phone back. "Me hold it!"

I think the spider is in that box over there. He was too fast for me to catch, and I'm afraid to go looking for him. What if he got reinforcements? They'll cocoon me like that scary part in Arachnophobia.

I hope it doesn't rain tomorrow. Maggie and I are going to make another delivery of chocolate. Yeah, people are generally happy to see me :) Unfortunately we won't stop and see GG along the way this time, since we're both coughing. The last thing my grandma (and Maggie's GG) needs is a cough. Hopefully we'll make it out that way next week.


Jennifer said...

I'm pretty sure the spider is hiding from you and seriously hopes that you don't coming looking for him because he's afraid that you'll smash him, which I'm sure you will. I would.

The Adventures of Grunty and Chubbs said...

I was reading your post thinking, "this is kinda random." Then I re-read the title of the post! Ha ha! Nice job!

Maggie is a sweetie... :-)

Shannon and Randy said...

Can I look at the catalog and place an order for Thursday's party on Saturday? I cannot make it, but I don't want to miss out on all the good new stuff!!! Let me know!

Theta Mom said...

You said the word spider in the opening sentence and I cringed! Sorry to hear you caught the hubs cold. Hope you're feeling better!