14 July 2009

Random Tuesday Thoughts


Out of the totally unrelated movies we've seen lately, I like them in the following order (best to worst): Seven Pounds, Slumdog Millionaire, Paul Blart: Mall Cop, Taken.

I'm going to my first MyMiche Bag party tonight. Since I'm broke as a joke right now, I'll book my own show so I can hopefully get a bag for free for my show instead of spending money to get one :)

I'm so proud of my little girl lately. She's growing up so fast! Yesterday as we walked into Applebees, a couple of older gentlemen held the door for us. Maggie walked in like she owned the place and said, "Thank you." Unfortunately, they couldn't understand her, but my heart swelled with pride anyway :)

I'm afraid I may be allergic to the PartyLite scent I got the most of with all my free spending from my show last week. I got the orders in yesterday and have had a headache ever since. I'm still hoping it's just a coincidence.

Crap. Maggie has only been down for her nap for a little over a half hour and hasn't fallen to sleep yet. Now I hear, "Where are you, mommy?" Please go to sleep, child, so we can have a pleasant afternoon....


Mommy Kennedy said...

Hi! Just popping by thru Entrecard! Sounds like you've got lots of random thought too!

I really need to start a Random Thoughts Tuesday post!

I think I will start next week though!

The Adventures of Grunty and Chubbs said...

Please go to sleep, child... :-) (Did it work?)

siteseer said...

I'm proud of her too for saying "Thank You". Now go to sleep little one.