07 July 2009

Random Tuesday Thoughts


Finally finished closing out my PartyLite show with my friend Colette. I think I used the holiday weekend as a reason to procrastinate a bit, then I was just too beat yesterday to do anything (self-inflicted...I was tired and sunburned from being on the boat all day Sunday...). But it's done, and really? Only the second business day after it was possible at all.

Hubby goes back to work tomorrow. I think that's why he's been a bit cranky today. It totally sucks to waste a day of vacation worrying about going back to work. For everyone.

I'm really, really appreciating the time to myself after the baby goes to bed, now that I don't have to get to work at that point. Unfortunately, I'm also already feeling the hit to my pocketbook. But worrying about something I can't actually do anything about would be a waste of my energies, right?

Ahh...but I can do something about the lack of cash flow. Want to book a Dove chocolate show? I need to get on the phone this week and book em up! And July is offering DOUBLE hostess credits - yay!!

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siteseer said...

Can't wait for my partylite to come in. You have got to have the most optimistic attitude! Good for you.