07 July 2009

A Few Minutes of 'Me' Time

That's what I'll call this. We were all out for a walk (Hubby, Uncle Bunny, me and Maggie), but my toes are super squished in my cheapo tennies, so I headed back while they continued walking (or strolling, in Maggie's case). Maybe if I had some Dansko shoes or something, but no biggie. I figure I go walking on a billion different short trips with the shortest member of our family - I get plenty of walking exercise.

So while I get a little less exercise right now and a few less minutes of watching the cuteness Maggie spouts out regularly, I do have a couple extra minutes of 'me' time. Although I hear the hose running on the outside of the house, so I'm not sure what my clean up cost might be ;)

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siteseer said...

I think it sounds like a pedicure is on your agenda.