24 July 2009

Lucky Duck!

After this week starting out like sheer hell, things are finally falling into place like they usually do. "George just lucky, I guess." (from George of the Jungle)

I'm doing a lot of financial magic this week - selling things we don't need - to get everything together for Maggie's family birthday party this weekend. While I was focusing on that, I noticed this afternoon that I would be making tonight's dinner from: one hot dog, four bites of kielbasa, a few tablespoons of pulled pork and about a quarter cup of chicken flavored stove top stuffing. Yum?

Luckily the man in brown came to my rescue. The doorbell rang and it was our friendly UPS guy with a delivery for me! Last week I'd taken a survey on MySurvey.com about Wanchai Ferry frozen dinners for two. I said they looked appealing and I'd be willing to sample one and complete a more thorough survey. You see where this is going? We're having Wanchai Ferry Orange Chicken for dinner tonight! And the timing is just perfect - one less thing to worry about while I get the rest of my ducks in a row!


Stacie said...

I hope your dinner from Wanchai Ferry Orange Chicken is delicious. I haven't tried it. Have a great weekend.

siteseer said...

I've never heard of Wanchai Ferry Orange Chicken. What is it, where do you get it and was it any good?