31 July 2009

10 Random Things for a Friday

How did I almost miss this? I've been running around all day! But here it is...just under the wire...

  1. Today, Dove's parent company, Mars, is having another Real Chocolate Relief Act day. That's right - on Fridays through September, they're giving away free chocolate to the first 250,000 visitors! I JUST did it, and I wasn't too late! Give it a try (if it's still Friday in your world, that is...)
  2. Simple Green has graciously offered to give one Simply Being Mommy reader a full set of natural cleaning products. You still have a couple weeks to enter, and there are lots of ways to get more entries! Go check it out :)
  3. "There ain't no truck that I know that can keep in Bolt and Rhino." (I just love saying that, preferably in the same sing-song tone as Rhino...)
  4. Keep your fingers crossed. I'm still hoping to hear on a job I'd really like. I applied directly at the company website, but I'm not sure if I applied for the right position. If I don't hear anything, I think I'll apply through the job search site that really spelled out what I'm looking for. I know it'll cost them money then, but they haven't called me based on the application on their site (or responded to my message asking for clarification via phone), so what can I do?
  5. I also didn't get the other return call I expected today. That one's a little dicier, as it was supposed to include information from my doctor on stuff I may/should do today or tomorrow. Now there's no way I'll hear from them before Monday. Huh.
  6. A big ole YAY for my friend's lasix surgery today going well! He said things are still a bit blurry, but it hasn't even been 12 hours, so I think perfection should take a few minutes ;)
  7. My cat snores.
  8. At this time next week, I'll be at Dove Chocolate Discoveries national conference!! Woo-hoo!!
  9. Have you had Snickers ice cream bars? They are super-duper yummy. I love the slightly salty peanuts and the frozen caramelly goodness. Now my mouth is watering.
  10. I failed miserably at Harriet's Comment Challenge. But I did do almost 20%, and I found lots of neat blogs along the way :)


Daisy said...

Cool! And I only need 45 to reach my 1000th comment! Well minus this one so hmmm... wish you a happy weekend!


Storm, The Psychotic Housewife said...

mmmm Snickers Ice cream bars! Yummy!

We've been walking around singing the Klondike song all week - I think it's time to break down and buy some ice cream!

Mommy Kennedy said...

Thanks for being last month's top dropper!


Susan Helene Gottfried said...

Free chocolate??? Oh, man, I've SO got to get in on that!

Mikki Black said...

Hey, thanks for visiting my blog! Didn't I have the cutest little baby squishy face? -sigh- That's NOT a cute picture of me....

I love how your random list involves 3 chocolate items! That's my kind of random! (Good luck on the job!)