19 June 2009

Okay - MORE Disney!

Now we're into the real meat and potatoes of the trip - our day at the Magic Kingdom! Some of these are duplicates or remarkably similar to some on my mom's site, but some (like this one) I love too much not to repost EVERYWHERE!

Four adults and one toddler really made the trip a lot easier than it might have been. There were no strollers in the lines, so we spent a lot of time passing a squirmy Maggie from grown-up to grown-up. I just love the look on her face in this one with Papa.

Although I was bummed at first that we couldn't cram everyone into one car(pet) on the Aladdin's magic carpet ride, the next rug up ended up giving me a great perspective to shoot a few pictures! Maggie looked a little unsure a few times, but overall it was a fun ride :)

When we first got off the ferry boat and walked through the gates into the Magic Kingdom, Maggie saw the train and said, "Choo choo!!" I promised her we'd ride it, but then almost forgot in the busy-ness of the rest of the day. She may or may not have noticed, but here's the proof that she did ride the train right along side her Daddy.


BK said...

Maggie looked so adorable in the yellow dress. :)

Tiffany said...

Oh my goodness, she is just gorgeous. I love the picture of you two hugging!

siteseer said...

The hugging pic is one of my favorites too.

Unknown said...

The hugging pic is definitely a keeper! I agree with the previous posters. Disney looks like tons of fun!!