19 June 2009

10 Random Things for a Friday

  • It stopped raining, so we're going to Jungle Java! (I don't drive in the rain sometimes...)
  • Maggie had dry cheerios for breakfast again so we can get going.
  • I have to remember to call my dad on our way about borrowing some car thingy...
  • We have two 'early' mornings in a row, with a make-up Kindermusik class tomorrow at 10:15 AM
  • Friends are coming to visit tomorrow - YAY!
  • Our freezer is STUFFED with all the meals I made last night :)
  • Seven seems to be a lot of folks' lucky number, but it hasn't ever been mine (you just counted to see if this was the seventh thing, didn't you?)
  • I think Maggie will wear her jungle print outfit for Jungle Java this morning.
  • Maybe we'll pick up Tacos for lunch! It's been a while.
  • I've got to go hurry and put on make-up now (so I can then change and dress the baby and grab a snack for my own breakfast...) to make it out the door in the next 25 minutes or so...

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siteseer said...

Busy Friday. Sorry I'll miss you visit.