17 June 2009


It's pictures like this one that will probably keep me from getting that 'Mother of the Year' plaque. Oh well :D

The first night we were at Fort Wilderness campground, I was wandering around with Maggie before the campfire with Chip and Dale and a cast member stopped and commented on how cute lil miss was. The cast member said each night they picked a family to have a 'magical moment' and get their picture taken with Chip and Dale before the rest of the show. We were picked! I set aside my misgivings and memories of the trauma we experienced with the Easter bunny and went to get the rest of our clan. As Chip and Dale came out of the backstage area and approached us (but after Chip tripped over another guest, but that's another story entirely) Maggie started screaming. Darn. Everyone else got in place with our favorite giant chipmunks and I tried to be sneaky and back into the picture holding Maggie. She wasn't falling for it.

So here we have it, another picture of Maggie screaming in terror with a giant animal. At least the rest of us were having fun ;)


Sonja said...

this picture is soooo awesome!

Fighting Mama said...

Hehe - that rocks!

bella1021 said...

hysterical! :) poor maggie!!!:(

siteseer said...

We were having way to much fun at her expense. She did get over it quickly though. She loved the music and dancing and just running around.