11 May 2009

What about YOU?

So what's the best and worst Mother's Day you heard of? Did you get heart pendant jewelry, or some other sort of bling? Or are your children little and their daddy forgot to do anything? There's a reason they put Mother's Day before Father's Day, right? Boy, I hope not because I definitely don't have any mad skillz like my hubby does in making my super cool videos. I love watching them, and I love watching Maggie's reaction to the 'baby.' She stood in front of the TV and watched both videos and the slide show, periodically pointing out something in the video to us - Baby! dog! hat!
Being her mom is a great gift by itself :)


siteseer said...

You're a GREAT Mom!!! I know being a Mother is all I ever wanted and it more that fulfilled all my dreams!

Tammy said...

Isn't it great being a mom! I'm so glad I'm a mom.