12 May 2009

Let the Whirlwind part of the Week Begin

Put on your seatbelts, here we go!

This afternoon I need to take Maggie to Mimi and Papa's (after I finish putting stuff together for my chocolate show tonight). Oh, and I need to drop off my Redbox movie at some point in the running around.

After dropping her off, I need to drive almost an hour to my chocolate show where 25 guests are expected - woo-hoo!! After the show I'm just heading back to Mimi and Papa's to sleep in the spare room with Maggie.

Tomorrow morning we still need to get up and on track, as Kindermusik class is at 11:15 by our house. I'll probably also need to run to the bank to deposit order money from the chocolate show.

Thursday we're going to lunch with a friend - yay! Friday? Back to Mimi and Papa's for Maggie - and then I need to be on the road by 2:00 PM to go pick up a friend and head out for the retreat we're on this weekend.

Around all of this? I still need to work another 17 + hours on one job, and 2.75 on the other.

Anyone know of a way to clone me, quickly?


siteseer said...

Don't you wish you could be cloned!? You'll fit it all in, you always do. Good luck and see you later.

Tammy said...

You do your best work when you are busy you will get it all done!