30 April 2009

It's hers now!

Way back before Maggie, I remember being asked how we'd utilize the bedrooms in our three-bedroom ranch if we had kids. The master bedroom has always been fairly obvious, and the next biggest room has been my office since I've lived here. The smallest room was in question. It made a kind of pitiful guest room, actually. The full-sized furniture kind of dwarfed the space. We'd talked about anything else we could do in there without using the floor, like a TV wall mount or floating shelves. Nothing ever really happened with it.

Now? It's the perfect Maggie room. We've got two small sections with books (one being a bookcase and the other a couple shelves on her armoire), her crib (which will take up the same space as a toddler bed), and the changing table. The room has all of Maggie's stuff in its sweet little place. It's hers now.


siteseer said...

And a perfect space it is, all frilly and female looking.

Tammy said...

She does have a sweet little girls room.