30 April 2009


Do you love the Body Shop? I love all of that sort of stuff. The only catch? It's great to receive as gifts, but I can never really justify buying it for myself. Mama's Money Savers is trying to make that a bit easier - there's a contest where you could win $100 worth of...well...Body Shop stuff!

First you get to take a little quiz, but it's really nice. It said I'm Super Mom. Yeah. Not hardly. I'm afraid Maggie may be a intimidating opponent on Jeopardy if the category were Disney movies if I'm not feeling up to snuff again soon! Poor kid :(

Anyway, head over and enter in time for Mothers' Day - the contest ends May 12.


siteseer said...

is that saying something about me? you are great in all trivia contests lol.

Cher said...

Thanks so much for posting about my giveaway!