22 April 2009

Hold on Tight!

So I've been sort of hiding out under my rock as much as possible lately, but the universe has started tap-tap-tapping on my door.

I'm finally back to work steadily again, which gives me more motivation for everything, or at least more of a need to keep it all organized. This morning Maggie and I went to a Kindermusik class just to check it out. I think it went pretty well, so we signed up for the last five weeks of this semester.

A friend called this morning in need of a Dove Chocolate Discoveries chocolatier for an event tomorrow night. I think I'd originally turned the event down a month or so ago, but now I know I need to get moving again. I called Papa, and he's coming to sit with Maggie tomorrow (more like play jungle gym to crazy-for-Papa Maggie) while I go to 'work.'

This weekend, we're headed to the Metro Parent CoverKids Search. We had a good time at the event last year, and I just love the commemorative magazine cover picture they let you get of your child. From there, we're headed to join Mimi and Papa at the Shepherd Maple Syrup Festival. A fun night of camping, festival stuff and time away from the computer!


Court D said...

Yeah! It's always fun to have a rush of activity after a sedentary period.

siteseer said...

mmm Maple syrup, maple candy, maple, maple, maple. They also have a pancake supper one night and a pancake breakfast Sunday morning. Yup, we're going to have fun.