22 April 2009

Another Surprise Trip!

While my surprise trip today was long enough to think of a great post, it was also long enough to forget it again. Maybe if I'd gone all the way to Dallas Texas hotels it would have come back to me again, but I'll never know now.

This afternoon (right at rush hour, actually), hubby summoned Maggie and I to go pick up car parts, then drive to his work where we'd meet up and head over to see my new niece. Oh, and my brother and sister-in-law. We had a nice visit, and Maggie got one of her favorite meals - pizza! - before staying up hours past her bedtime again. Oh well. Tomorrow isn't an exceptionally strictly scheduled morning. We just need to go back to return the dirty car parts and drive by the post office on our way to lunch with Uncle Matt. Yay!


siteseer said...

No fair!! Did you give her a kiss for me? I need for you to live on one side of me and your brother to live on the other side. Need to see you guys more often. And another thing.... it's not fair that Papa gets to see lil Peanut and I don't.

siteseer said...

I have another award for you. Come check it out.

Tammy said...

Lucky you to get to see your new niece. She is very cute! What does Maggie think?