16 April 2009

Fun, Fun, Fun!!

Yesterday was starting out as my third blah morning in a row, but things changed pretty quickly! Around 10:30, Diane called to see if Maggie wanted to play with Ryan while we grown-ups hung out. Of course that sounded like fun, and it would take them just as long to get here as it would take me to get showered and be wearing something other than my PJs. Not that I'm ashamed of my penguin PJs, but it would have been a bit uncomfortable to be the only scuzzy one...

They got here an hour or so later, and we all commenced to chillin. Since I'd skipped grocery shopping in favor of showering, we had pizza delivered for lunch. Seriously? We were living the high life. They stayed til almost 2pm, when it was time to get the kids to nap. Maggie and Ryan fell asleep within minutes of being separated.

After they both slept for a couple hours, Ryan got to come back! Yay! Diane and her husband headed out for date night while my hubby and I found out a little of what it would be like to have two kids within a year of each other (Ryan is just 10 months older than Maggie). We had tacos for dinner (no kid complaints there!) then walked up to the Dairy Queen for dessert. Well, the two tallest of our party walked while pushing the short stacks in strollers ;)

All in all it was a fun day with little people and big people alike!


siteseer said...

How fun! Impromptu things are always the best.

Court D said...

Full days like this are such a blast!