15 April 2009

And Then What?

What started yesterday morning as a pretty mundane day ended up being a relatively fun afternoon. After Maggie went down for her nap, hubby called to say he was headed to his sister's house to help her hook up her hot tub. Besides the hole in it, she was having issues with the electrical-ness, which should be hubby's area of expertise. Maggie and I decided to meet him there, then we could all go to dinner.

Once he arrived there, he got right to work. My job was making sure Maggie didn't wander the wrong way and get zapped, and his sister's job was plugging and unplugging on demand while he messed with the wires. At one point she jokingly asked, "What happens if I don't unplug when you say so?" I was standing close enough to tell her, "You get to support Maggie and I." It took her a minute, but she realized what I was saying. There's life insurance, and then there's the cause of any incapacitation (wow - that's a word?) being family and picking up the slack. Hahahahahahaha...

Don't worry - we all made it through the evening in one uncharred piece.

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siteseer said...

did you at least get to get in the hot tub?