19 March 2009

The rest of our mini-vacation!

After leaving Hershey, we headed to Washington, DC (with a brief detour to Maryland for dinner with friends there...).

We were welcomed to the capitol with unseasonably warm weather. Just five days prior, the city was shut down for a snow day. However, we were treated to temperatures in the lower seventies all weekend long. Even better was that our hotel was two blocks directly north of the White House. We started the day off by posing for pictures in front of the north lawn.

After the White House, we meandered over to the Washington Monument and gazed upwards.

Maggie also did a few laps around the monument... just because.

The day concluded with a visit to the Capitol building. Maggie loved running up the stairs, sitting down and then posing for a picture.

After her first picture, Maggie remembered her hat that she received from the Hershey chocolate tour the prior day, ran back to her stroller, grabbed the hat, ran back to the stairs and then posed for a second set of pictures.

...and finally, what trip to Washington DC would be complete without a ride on the Metro.

Oh, and since you're wondering? The Wordless Wednesday picture was also from our DC trip...I was trying to put a barrette in Maggie's hair. Like nailing jello to a wall sometimes..


Fighting Mama said...

I am sooooo bummed that I missed you guys. It was indeed a beautiful day.

siteseer said...

I just love those pics and your sense of humor. nailing jello to a wall is a very good description though.

Tammy said...

Very nice pictures. Sounds like you had fun. Little Maggie looks very little sitting on the steps.

Amanda West said...

LOVE the new pictures - you guys make me laugh!! It looks like you had a lot of fun!!

Maggie - Brynn says hi and to tell you that she doesn't like it when I put barrettes in her hair either!!

Anonymous said...

You all must have enjoyed the vacation. I simply love the expression on Maggie's face in the last shot. The one where Maggie was running put a smile to my face; the smile on her face is priceless. Thank you for sharing these photos. Have a wonderful weekend.